Anjana - 1000th View Edition Picture

This piece of origami was designed by Nobuyoshi Enomoto of The Tanteidan - a group of young Japanese Origami Enthusiasts that specialize in complex folds. Though this one is one of their simpler designs it was not the easiest to make. This was proven when I began folding it, because what you see before you is my fifth attempt. I found there was a lot of interpretation involved and to get my elephant looking right there was a lot of trial and error.

The name Anjana was selected from one of the names of the 8 elephants in Indian mythology, which support the earth. If you’re curious to know more you can read about in this piece, ‘Elephant lore - in myth, legend, religion and war’ by Ariyadasa Ratnasinghe.

This piece was folded from one piece of paper and the instructions were found in the fabulous ‘The Origami Handbook’ by Rick Beech. Naturally being my 1000th view special it is dedicated to all my watchers by especially Bellsprout for being my 1000th viewer.
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