Godzilla I Picture

Name: Godzilla, Gojira, Shodai.

Height: 164 ft.
Weight: 20,000 tons

-Can expell a deadly blast of radioactive flames from his mouth capable of setting entire cities ablaze and causing large explosions.
-Godzilla's hide can withstand ballistic missiles and other human weaponry.
-Extreme regeneration ability. Capable of healing wounds in mere seconds.

The first Godzilla appeared in 1954. While his origins are unknown to science, it is captured in the Odo Islander's mythology. Gojira was a great sea dragon that lived in the waters around the island for many, many years. Of course, this was thought to be just a myth. However, the cryptozoologist Kyohei Yamane thought otherwise. After 50 years of ship disapperances aroudn the area, he decided to investigate. While staying at the island overnight, the monster appeared. While going over the evidence left behind by the monster, he discovered that the animal had been around since the prehistoric ages (a trilobite left in a footprint) and that the creature was radioactive, leaving massive traces of radiation where ever it stepped.
Now, with this discovery made, it was time for him to warn the world. But, two nights after his return to Japan, Godzilla attacked Tokyo. THe city was set ablaze...and Godzilla returned to Tokyo Bay. While Yamane did not want to kill Godzilla, others wanted to. A young scientist ventured into the bay and destroyed Godzilla with an oxygen destroying device.

The Age of the Monsters had begun.

Godzilla C Toho
Art C Me.
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