Teju Jagua Picture

I told myself I would stop uploading mythical creatures illustrations, because I don't want the whole book's worth of artwork to be on the internet. But I was just so proud of this one!!!

Teju Jagua is one of seven strange beings from the mythology of the Guarani natives in South America. As you can see, he is a giant lizard with seven dog heads. In some versions of the myth, he just has one giant dog's head. His heads are so heavy that he cannot move, and so is confined to a cave. His brother, the fairy-like Jasy Jatere (seen in the background) brings him fruit and honey to eat.

This picture perfectly demonstrates what my book is going to be about: There lots of amazing mythical creatures around the world from cultures outside of Europe. Teju Jagua rivals anything the Greeks came up with. Fantasy fans and gamers should enjoy a whole world's worth of fantastical beasts, and learn about other cultures in the process, instead of just being sheltered in a Euro-centric world as presented in most books about mythical creatures.
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