Thor Picture

This is a pic of the Norse god Thor. No not the comic book guy. This was an attempt to make a more accurate drawing of Thor according to what we know of the mythology of the Vikings. I got the look of Mjolnir from pictures I found on the net of pendants made by the Vikings. The pendant of Thor's hammer was to the Vikings what the cross is to Christians. I made sure to get the stuff that the comic books didn't. He has the girdle of strength on as well as "iron gloves". Thor wore these gloves because the handle of Mjolnir was cut off to short thanks to a giant that interrupted the dwarf that was making it. The hammer's power is so great that it burned Thor's hands so a set of gloves made from iron were fashioned so he could wield it. He also has a piece of whetting stone stuck in his forehead. According to the myth, a giant stole a magical whetting stone that the gods used to sharpen their weapons. When Thor went to take it back the giant threw it at him so Thor smashed it with his hammer. A chunk of the rock embbed into his forehead and when a human sorceress tried to magically remove it he began telling her of the adventure he went on to rescue her sister. She was so interested in the story that she became distracted and was unable to remove the shard and it must remain there until Ragnorok. Maybe he just needs some of that Head On stuff.
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