Amadioha, Free-Will of People Picture

For one of my finals I created this game called "Phase be to God". It was basically all about story telling through drawing and performance. The theme that I used was Nigerian (specifically Igbo) myth, and I interpreted some of the Alusi

Alot of these are departures from their traditional imagery. Additionally, their descriptions are definitely inspired by their origins (so there is some accuracy/overlap, but some of the backstory I just made up). I kind of ~breathed in their essence~ and then ~exhaled it into the canvas~

In-game mythology:
Amadioha, The Free Will of the People
Amadioha is the god of thunder and lightning. He represents judgment and the will of humanity. Most importantly he is the god of justice, who strikes down those who break promises.
Essentially Amadioha is the protector and enforcer of the law.
As a representation of humanities will, he also stands for love, unity, and peace. However judgment, righteousness, and justice stand before any other principle.
Amadioha speaks, shouts, and sings through thunder, and strikes with lightning. Often he functions as the ultimate oath keeper and judges serious trials between gods and humans alike. He is often associated with Anyanwu, due to his relationship with Chukwu and his responsibility to humanity.

Sacred Prompt: Amadioha favors energetic mark making and imagery that stays true to the Sacred Prompt.

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