Tanukitsune the Raccoon-Fox Picture

-_-;...Yeah, yeah, I know I should be working on my Den comic and my Werewolf movie project instead of doodling; but I've had a major brain-blockage for weeks (writer's block for what to write in my movie's script next, artist's block on how to draw the next Den page and what to put in the speech bubbles, and can't finish my werewolf mask until I get a much better jawset) and I needed to keep my art-hand occupied SOME HOW.

Anyway, the idea for this new little character was something that has been itching in the back of my head for a while. You see after I saw a real live fox playing on my front lawn at 2:47am (to say that they are very common in Britain especially in farming areas where I live, it was the first ever time I'd seen a living red fox so close), I got a sudden urge to draw a fox, but then I thought: 'way too many cartoony foxes, anthro foxes, fox-furries, anime foxes, kyubi kitsune aka nine-tailed foxes and 'sparkle-dog' style foxes on the internet' which wasn't what I wanted to go for, I wanted to make a unique kind of fox that's not ever been thought of before. A fox that's different but realistic not 'sparkle-dog' style...
That's when I remembered watching Pom Poko and learning about Tanuki aka Raccoon dogs. Tanukis really do fascinate me, so cute and 'lap dog' like that I found it very hard to believe that they are wild animals not pets, plus they do share a very big role in Japanese mythology just like Wolves and Foxes do (lol I do wonder where the myth about tanukis having magical testicles came from). And after I watched the tv documentary on the russian fox experiment [link] I learnt how foxes CAN indeed come to look so insanely different from their natural appearances (surprisingly without any cross-breeding with say dogs, coyotes, wolves, etc) so I asked myself: any animal has the capability of having hybrid-offspring as long as they are members of the same family such as felidae and canidae etc (before anybody starts arguing about this animal-hybridization topic; ligers, wolfdogs, coyo-wolves, coyo-dogs, savana cats, and zebra-horses are living proof of the same-family logic) and compactible with each other's size (a tiger can't mate with a domestic cat because of the major size difference between them plus a tiger would most likely eat the smaller pet cat)...so what would an offspring of a fox and a tanuki look like?

And so, I created Tanukitsune, 'Tasu' for short.
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