Monster Girl Challenge 11 through 15 Picture

I decided to take the Monster Girl Challenge! However, rather than draw one monster girl a day, I did them all in one batch and got them finished in less than a week, becauser I am insane. Since this was a for fun project, I only did flat colors (shading kills my joy). And like most for fun projects, I found myself taking aspects of it more seriously than I intended.

To keep from totally dominating your inbox, I'm splitting these girls into groups. Here are entries 11 through 15!

Without further ado, the monster girls:

11. True Monster - Slender Woman! I took "true monster" to mean "monster that scares you," and Slenderman sprang to mind. So here's a Slenderlady to scare you senseless.

12. Zombie - I have some... qualms with drawing a sexualized rotting corpse. However, I apparently have no qualms drawing a reanimated, living monster made out of once-dead body parts. So I drew a Frankenstein.

13. Insect - Dapper Mantis Lady is dapper.

14. Dullahan - Dullahan is the fancy name for a Headless Horseman. In Celtic myth they look a bit weirder than just being headless, though - they're head is actually bloated and massive, as is the severed head of their horse. It's pretty nuts. I didn't want to go that nuts - disappointing, I know, but sometimes I just want to draw something iconic instead of something crazy.

15. Dragon - The dragon lady is basically my (currently non-canon) design for KAS Campe, who is based on the mythological dragon/lady hybrid of the same name.
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