Helle Picture

From Norse mythology, Helle (also known as Hel or Hela) was the freakish daughter of Loki the god of something...I think it's mischief? and Angreboda, a giantess. She was born half dead, half living. Um, some stories I've come across desribes her as a beautiful woman from the waist up and a hideous corpse from the waist down, and other places decribe her as being split down the middle. Whatever. Merely minor details really. I chose the one where she's dead from the waist down because it was easier to draw and I could hide the difficult bits with a long robe. XD; Uhh...what else? Helle watches over those who died of disease and old age, and particularly women and children who died during childbirth. She is Queen of the Dead, and her realm is named Helheim.^^

I find Helle an extremely interesting mythological figure, and appealing even. I always thought she was a bit misunderstood, but I suppose a half living corpse could confuse anyone. XD Idgit and I are on a bit of a myth-kick, as it were, so expect more from both of us...when we get 'round to it. >>;

About the actual pic, um...I screwed up the anatomy majorly, so her head/neck/shoulder area's all hunched together. Half-arsed background doesn't help. I used various refs for the skeletal feet and for ideas on costume design and such. Anyway, enjoy.^^
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