Smurfs is Scary Picture

You are probably laughing, but they are!! Oh, they seem innocent in the cartoon, but noooo. There are dark plans in the mind of a smurf.

I was playing trivial pursuit at a writing retreat a year ago and one of the questions was how tall is a smurf. You would think, oh, a few inches tall. Nope. Three apples. Think about it. THREE apples. Thats like...midcalf at least. Add in the hat, and its up to your knee. Suddenly the benign little smurfs don't seem so benign.

Long time ago, during the urban myth unit in mythology, we watched this short movie with this scary tiki doll running around trying to stab this lady. Thats how I see smurfs now. Not quite that hyper, more with an evil glare, plotting evil things in their evil little heads, but still. *shudders*

I think the smurfs are cousins to the tiki dolls.
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