Lost City Picture

Speed Modelling Challenge: Mythology

well well, turns out I actually had an idea for this one, that worked out alright!
This is the lost city of Atlantis, as envisioned by the American psychic Edgar Cayce. Although originally only brought up in greek mythology, many cultures have added their interpretations to this myth as time has gone by. Cayce was the first to bring up the notion of the city still being alive and well today, a hidden city, long-lost in the deep seas. He believed the city was able to prosper in its isolation over thousands of years, and has developed advanced flying machines and watercraft. He suggested that their city was powered by a unique crystal-like energy source.

This is the interpretation many go by these days... It's an evolved myth, but I believe it fits the subject of mythology well.

My information was gathered from wikipedia, under atlantis.
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