Taang Week: globe Picture

When the world was created, and the light was seperated from the darkness, the sky was also seperated from the earth. The gods created the winds, male spirits of the air, and the rocks, female spirits of the earth. The Rocks and the winds hardly spoke, but lived in peace for all eternity.
Until one morning when a young wind sailed on a low cloud over the earth, and met a young rock.
"What is a wind doing this close to the earth" the rock asked"
" I was trying to bring this cloud back to the heavens," the wind said, " you see, sometimes the clouds fall from the sky..."
" i know how it happens" the rock snapped, for she was blunt and stubborn like the rest of her kind.
" What's it like on the ground?" the wind asked growing intrigued of the rocks lifestyle, "you must interact much with the people of the lands and the seas"
" i do not" she replyed growing irratated " This mountain top is lonely and much too trecherous for a person to climb. so i spend my days alone here. When people do climb the mountain, they are rude and step on me, so i send my friends to teach them a lesson. i cannot explore the globe as you do. i am rooted to the earth and cannot move. how about you? you must see the most beautiful sights? what is it like?"
"i see the same things every day. i dont linger much and wonder."
" What do you see?"
" i see the Marshy swamps of Florida. I see the towering pyramids of egypt. I see the rolling hills of Ireland. I see the rice fields of asia. I see the savanahs of Africa. I see the Cities all over the world. I see the snow of Scandinavia. i see the rainforests of Central and south america. I see the outbacks of Australia. I see the festivals of mexico. I see every country of the world.."
" yet you gain no satisfaction?"
" now that you mention it, i have grown to appreciate all that i have seen, and the beauty of it all"
" then take me with you, so that i can appreciate it all"
" I cannot"
" Why not"
" because this mountain side is the most beautiful i have seen, because you are here. if i take you away, it will become lifeless and loose all of its beauty"
and the rock understood the logic of the wind

my attempt at mythology. made up by me
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