Sirin Picture

*Clears throat* Sirin is a mythological creature of Russian legends, based directly off the greek myths about sirens. They have the chest and head of a beautiful (not in this case) woman and the body of a bird.
Basically, they were supposed to look very pretty and mesmerising. I was thinking... Maybe this is a sirin's true appearance, and they hypnotise their victims with a strangely angelic voice, so they look beautiful to them.
Then they devour the victim...

Another thing that came to mind when drawing this, is that this is some sort of angel of death..? The remains on the ground are that of a warrior, and these angels specifically come to guide their spirits... or generally the spirit of a warrior/soldior. The more a warrior killed in life, the freakier their angel looked. Poor guy, he lives a bitter life, gets brutally killed in a battle and the first thing that greets him when he dies is a horrifying abomination. So yeah, these are just the ideas that came while I was drawing this.
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