Brunnehilde - Andvarinaut Picture

Studio Arts, Semester 1, Project 1b: Hybrid Project.

(combining dark/gothic themes of Lisa Falzon's works with ancient tales of mythology)
Representing gods/goddesses and their role in an ancient Norse/Greek/Roman/Celtic myth.

The Story of Andvarinaut (Norse)

Andvarinaut was a magical ring first owned by Andvari, but it was stolen by Loki. Furious, Andvari cursed the ring to destroy it's new owner. Loki heard of this and quickly passed the ring to King Hreidmar of the dwarves as compensation for killing his son with the other Æsir. Hriedmar's son, Fafnir killed his father and stole the ring, but was killed by Sigur who took the ring and gave it to his wife Brünnehilde before leaving her, where she then commited suicide.
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