Omri Picture

Watercolor on Arches paper. Illustration from the Wormwood Prophecy series. Okay, since Whispering-Stranger saw the picture within a picture I'll tell the "Myth of the Worm." In dwarf mythology, Kalk (god of the earth) released the giant worm Orshank and her many children to sift the newly created world in preparation for life. When the work was complete the worms all died. While the worms' innards rotted way their thick hides petrified leaving behind the great caves and cavern systems of the world. Orshank was so enormous that when it died its mouth was at the surface while its tail was still in Mergeth (Kalk's realm). It was up through Orshank's petrified corpse (Marl Cavern) which the first eleven dwarves where believed to have entered the world.
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