Loki and Sigyn Picture

Lately I've been really into Marvel and Norse Mythology. I'm head over heals for Loki at the moment, especially after seeing Thor 2. I'm utterly fascinated by him and am in the process of reading as many of the myths as I can. I was somewhat disappointed to learn that there really isn't a whole lot of information on Sigyn though. I couldn't find much other than the fact that she's the Goddess of Fidelity and one of Loki's wives.

Loki here is as you would see him in the Marvel Films (or at least as close as I could get... something seems off about his face but I'm not sure what...) He's dressed in the outfit seen here --->media.melty.fr/article-1772328… because damn! That vest! Sigyn on the other hand is completely made up. Despite my efforts, I was unable to find a reference for her. I've got her wearing a traditional apron dress which seemed fitting. I really wanted them to look like a couple despite not even looking at one another. I feel like Sigyn would have spent her whole life trailing after him and pining for him. It seems to me that her identity is based around his, which is why I have her dressed in his colours.

Anyway. I'm really loving them as a couple so I'll probably end up drawing quite a bit more fan-art.


Loki belongs to Nordic Mythology, Marvel and Hiddleston.

Sigyn belongs to Nordic Mythology and... me? I guess?

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