At least Picture

At least let me gaze
Forever at your face
Don't make me close the eyes
That stare at your splendour

I shall have no more need
Of arms that can embrace
If you will never look at me
From the heavens where you dwell

I shall have no more need
Of feet that run and dance
If they will never bring me
Close enough to your path

My voice I will forsake
And be silent evermore
Rooted always to the soil
Yet ever facing the Sun...


Clythie, who, according to Ovid's Metamorphoses, caused the death of her rival for the sun god Apollo's love. He was much grief-stricken and, furious, never even looked at Clythie anymore. Despairing, she sat for days looking at the Sun's daily course through the skies, until she finally became a sunflower...

~zelda994612's comic MYth reminded me that I've always wanted to draw some mythology illustrations. She's an awesome artist !

'thisa-chan I'm sure you'll find the story too dark again
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