Inanna Heydrich and the tree- Broken egg Picture

original myth [link]

in my version Inanna is Heydrich who decide to cut the tree to make throne, scares all animals who lives there and eggs of snake and bird are broken and inside every egg there were millions of yolks with small living creatures. Heydrich is happy of his throne and power, but year after year he is more and more upset about his crimes and finally he got terribly ill. In dreams he sees world full of birds snakes and small Liliths and he cries because he is unable to turn back his actions. When he woke up he observed that he completly changed. His uniform is gone, his illness is gone as well, what is more he is not longer male, rather both male and female androgynous creature. She decides to broke her throne and turn it again into the tree and search for creatures who once she hurted and try to restore broken eggs and give back lives to them.

picture is inspired by E. Dulac illustration
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