Ankou of many hats Picture

Yes, this is a newer improved verison of Ankou. Ya know, the guy in Lord of Crows? Anyways for those who are new to this, I take an old mythological being from myth and give him a personality, purpose and new threads. Ankou is known for being a grim reaper with a cart, scythe and a large brimmed hat. So with my twist, he heralds from Gaul and had traveled over with Donn before Donn became the god of the dead in Irish myth. Ankou doesn't so much bring death as he collects and sorts out the souls.

This was also in part in that I am more comfortable in drawing hats, so this it was kinda suprising how easily this painting came to me.

I decided to give him a formal coat with a highly designed and detailed feather mantle that heralds back to his anthropomorphic abilities with the crow form. I chose the green as to make this piece really "pop" considering it started out as a achromatic piece.

Watercolor and Gouche
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