Icarus Picture

Description: A "jetpack" that let the wearer soar through the skies like an eagle.

Full Name: MS-AGBP-13 Flight Pack
Fuel: Anti-Gravity Generator
Duration: [Unknown]
Weight Limit: 500lbs

-Creates a field around the user, and possible passengers, that enables them to move freely through out space. however it does not allow for outer-space travel.
-Very few exist currently since it is still in it's early stages.
-Not for use among public. Only military, political, and religious important figures. ((now imagine the pope flying around on a jetpack))

-Wanted to kinda match the myth of Icarus in a way. one of my favorite myths though.
-This is the back of the thing by the way. the fron is basically a heavy-duty combat vest. to put it simply.
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