Spirits Protect Me Picture

12"x16" watercolor, gouache, walnut ink and colored pencil on arches watercolor paper.

This was my final for Tools of the Trade. We went onto this site called we feel fine and picked a phrase to illustrate. The phrase I picked was "I told her to protect me from other spirits as I was feeling very sensitive last night and I felt safe immediately after." The quote was from Kyoto so I thought it would be neat to tie that phrase in with what used to be my senior project. It's a modern day interpretation of a Japanese myth. Can anyone guess of what?

I knew what media I wanted to use but it was a real challenge trying to execute what I wanted. Even in the finished (and I use that term loosely) I'm not sure if I was successful. From what everyone has told me though, I'm at that 50/50 cusp. If I play with it anymore it'll either look amazing or look horrible...grrrr!! So if anyone know anything about watercolor, feel free to critique or offer suggestions!

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