RTH: Norse gods group Picture

(Originally posted in 2008.)

One more entry for that River Twine Holt ([link]) spring 2008 art contest, "Myths, Legends & Fairytales".

This one started off because I wanted to do something for Suddendusk (the youngest of the 3 brothers), and was trying to think of one-eyed figures in folklore. Odin leapt to mind - a slight stretch for the character, but not completely. (You've got to pick and choose amongst char traits for this sort of thing, and not be too bothered if the fits aren't exact.) Suddendusk is a bit of a crazy-inventor guy, and I liked Odin's sly, clever, pursuit-of-knowledge aspects for him.

So here he is in the middle, with the ravens Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory). Flanking him are his older brothers: One-Leg as Thor, and Blacksnake as Tyr. The runes on Thor's hammer say "Mjollnir", which is the traditional name of the hammer (it means "crusher"). Despite what Marvel Comics would have you believe, in Norse mythology, Thor is traditionally red-headed.
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