Cloaked Critic Reviews Tales of the Night Picture


"Tales of the Night" is an enchanting 2011 French animated film directed by internationally-renown director, Michel Ocelot. The movie is a thrilling artistic treat. Main characters and foreground elements are portrayed as silhouettes while the background is comprised of some of the most beautifully-crafted colorful imagery and designs I've seen since "The Secret of Kells" and "The Thief and the Cobbler".

The movie is made up of six fabulous stories which are charming re-tellings of old folktales. The wrap-around story for these tales is rather odd (which is okay since I like odd). There is apparently a boy and a girl who hang out with this old man in an old abandon theater who appear to spend every night writing and putting on elaborate plays which nobody actually sees except them...and some weird owl who's always perched on the projector (told you it was odd). Of course oddness aside, the film is truly an artistic gem and a marvel of animation.

Since this is a French film, all the dialogue is in French and there is no English dub that I'm aware of, though there are English subtitles. Honestly, watching this movie along with a host of other foreign (non-anime) animated films helps me realize just how deprived we are here in America. Artistically, America is as barren as Death Valley. Seems like all the creative, intellectual, and inspired works of art are being made overseas, and animation aficionados like myself are missing out. The only time I ever find out about these films is by accident. Tales of the Night, Nocturna, Jester Till, Felidae, The Fearless Four, Help! I'm A Fish, The Secret of Kells, A Monster in Paris...just a handful of the wonderful films from other countries I've stumbled upon by accident. All the heart and passion of animation is overseas, and here in the States we've just got a bunch of swill! FUCK HOLLYWOOD!!!
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