Eleionomai, The Marsh Nymph Picture

Eleionomai, The Marsh Nymph

A Nymph from Greek Mythology

Please full view to fully appreciate.

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“The Naiades were fresh-water nymphai who inhabited the rivers, lakes, brooks and springs of their Rivers-God fathers' catchments. They were not quite immortal but still joined the assemblies of the gods on Olympus.

Many of the Naiades married local kings and they play a prominent role in the genealogies of the various royal families. Others, such as the beautiful Naias daughters of Asopos, were loved by the gods. Following these unions many of these Nymphai had towns, cities and islands named after them by their sons.
The Naiades were sometimes classified by habitat such as Eleionomai, The Marsh Nymph. The Naiades of the rivers and marshes were attendant-nymphai of their River-God fathers. A few of these nymphai were called goddesses of their own small tributary river, but for the most part they were rarely mentioned as individuals.”
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