Zutara - Heavenly Fire Picture



really upset with myself on this one. i had all day to come up with something beautiful and i ended up scrapping everything i had. this one was the only one that didn't suffer the wrath of the rubbish bin. -_-

i was originally going to do the story of "Raven that Stole Fire" from the Miwok Myth. it's really popular here in Alaska. zuko would've portrayed the part of Raven, and Katara as Eagle's daughter. i had everything planned out for it, but my OCD kicked in and because i didn't remember the raven's name, i flipped and totally dumped the whole idea. maybe i'll do it later and actually make the drawing look good.

instead i settled with zuko as prometheus (still stealing fire) and katara randomly as Nariko from the game Heavenly Sword. i won't go into how Nariko is mythological. just play or research the game if you are bored enough.

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