Icarus Picture

In Greek Mythology, Icarus and his father Daedalus were imprisoned in a labyrinth for their part in helping Theseus to kill the Minotaur and escape with the King's daughter.

After escaping from imprisonment, Icarus and his father needed a way to escape the island of Crete. Since his enemy, King Minos, controlled the seas surrounding the island, the only way out was by air. Daedalus, being an inventor and craftsman, decided to fashion wings held together with wax for himself and his son. He bade his son to take care and stay close by. If he flew to high, the sun would melt the wax holding the wings together; too low and the water would dampen the feathers, making it hard to keep aloft.

So Icarus and Daedalus climbed to a cliff top overlooking the sea and threw themselves into the updraft. The wings worked beautifully, carrying the two effortlessly through the air. Icarus was thrilled, the freedom of being in the air was so good after being imprisoned. He swooped and spiraled, moving further from his father. He flew in lazy circles, higher and higher, watching some white feathers drift slowly towards the water below. Suddenly Icarus snapped to attention, feathers? In panic he realised how high he'd climbed, the wax in his wings had started to soften in the warm afternoon sun. In panic he flapped his arms trying to head back towards the Earth, but it was too late. The action shook loose more feathers from the melting wings and he fell to his death. Daedalus searched in vain for his missing son until finally, he came across feathers floating on the water and realised what must have happened.

This is of Icarus as he falls into the ocean which now bears his name. He continues to vainly flap the wings strapped to his arms, aware that too many feathers have already fallen away and the remaining damp feathers are no longer able to lift him. He plummets down into the water and disappears from sight, his father unaware of what is happening, continues to glide into the distance.

Drawn as an entry for the Myths and Legends Illustration Contest [link]

First drawing of mine containing a person on deviant art, think we can all see why? Would love comments on anything, but especially on improving the appearence of Icarus and on the water around him (Constructive criticism welcome! Come on, help me out please
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