Death Picture

For my Shakespeare final I was assigned to find a connection between 7 plays we have read this semester and I did my common theme over death. To draw this picture I did some extensive research on death in different cultures. So this is what I technically came up with...except for the hair. My friend who has a DA but won't tell me her name told me to try out the style "pastel goth" well I tried the style out on the wrong picture. But then maybe the hair does look good? I will copy and paste my explanation of her on here:

I personified death as a female because there are bearly any tales about death being a female most of the stories death is male. The clothing and items are taken from different cultures such as China, Japan, Korea, and English influences. Her robes represent the heavens on the top and the earth on the bottom. In some of the myths death lived in heaven watching over the earth and usually people during that time period would look up into the heavens so that’s why there are people on the bottom. The trail of fabric looking like black mist part is the common idea of what many people would think of the Grim Reaper. I choose to make some parts white since some stories of death said she wore white and in China white is also the sign of morning.

Her chocker represents the idea of death being connected with religion since many ideas of death were commonly started out as myths but are now inside religion. Also many acts of death like the Black Plague and many epidemics back then people would relate to them with religion and god. The lockets she has on dates to the Victorian Era the time period where people were obsessed with death. The lockets would normally have hair in them and the name of the person who has died and the date from when they lived to when they died. Back then people would carry those lockets everywhere with them if they lost a loved one.

Her hair might seem a bit strange but I was trying out a new style of coloring called pastel Goth it has nothing to do with the representation of death. I was going to make her hair white but then decided to try out a new style which I shouldn’t have. But white hair has the meaning of death in the myths they said that she had white hair. Roses in this case resemble love as in the old phrase “courting death” which was developed during the Victorian era. The wings on her back symbolize the Jewish version of death Midrash, the end of her scythe is like the sword Midrash used and the drop is the gall. The scythe is there for the representations of the modern English reaper. The scale in her hand represents justice like the Hindu Yama being the Lord of Justice. The idea for the spine handle of the scythe came from Celtic mythology with the Dullahans who had whips made of spines.

The skull on the scythe is supposed to be related to the shamans and is a shaman skull since many shamans spent their time with the dead and spirits. The feathered beads around her scythe have some Native American or Shaman influences. The other set of beads around her scythe are Japanese spiritual sealing beads from Shinto religion when they believed in demons.

So yeah!... I'll see you later! -.-U

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