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yet another reason why we hate SMeyers and Twilight is cause she didn't bother with getting her facts right. quite ironic considering in her FAQS at her website, she says that she researched everything very thoroughly. this says otherwise: (from SORRY FOR ALL THE TEXT)

Did Not Do the Research: Quite a few examples of research errors appear throughout the series.

-Meyer never visited the town of Forks or any of the environs mentioned in the book until after they were all finished. The wildlife and plant life described in the book do not match up with the real life Olympic Peninsula.

- The mythology of the Quileutes.

-Rosalie's family was well off during the Great Depression because her father was a banker.

-Brazil's west coast. Enough said.

-In Breaking Dawn, a Brazilian cleaning woman recognizes Edward as a "libishomen".* Ignoring the fact that it's Lobisomem, that particular Portuguese myth is a werewolf and not a vampire. To make matters worse, the lobisomem looks like a man-ape, so it should have been impossible for Edward Cullen to be recognized as one.

-A driftwood fire is not blue. It's yellow.

-At one point in New Moon, Bella is thinking about Romeo and Juliet, and what would have happened "if Rosalind had given [Romeo] the time of day". However, the play doesn't feature Rosalind, since she is from As You Like It. Bella is thinking of Rosaline.

-Carlisle Cullen discovers a coven of vampires in the sewers of 17th century London. Such sewers did not exist in London until two centuries later, when the stench of the open sewers grew unbearable.

-Carlisle's story in general is a little cringe-worthy to anyone who's done much reading on the 17th century. Quite a bit of general history fail there.

-When telling Alice's backstory, Edward remarks that had she been born a century earlier (therefore the early 19th century), she would have been burned as a witch. One: they were not still trying people for witchcraft at that time period.

-Two: No witches were actually burned in the United States.

- The whole concept of the blood typing. First there is the teacher who is randomly sticking students with pins to draw blood without asking either their or their parents permission. Keep in mind that US law leaves it at the parents' digression whether or not they inform their children's schools that they have any diseases communicable by blood, such as HIV or Hepatitis C. And then we have the notion that they are doing this experiment on one another because the Red Cross will be having a blood drive and they need to know their blood type if they want to donate blood. Because the Red Cross will totally accept a seventeen year old's word for it when they tell them they are O neg, especially if the testing was done by a high school junior.

-The first part about not asking parental permission is particularly egregious as Meyer is a mother of three. You think she'd know the type of shit storm that would be raised should a teacher start poking their kids with needles.

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