Kinuey the Ouco Picture

Ouco are large mythological creatures of prey with more intelligence than humans. They are agile and powerful, with wingspans that can extend up to half of a mile at maximum. They come in many sizes, colors, and looks, but they will always have their bird-like appearance.

Unlike their little cousins, the birds, a minority of the Ouco may not have a beak, and they can use the untamed element of wind to attack. Just about every inch of the Ouco spells trouble for their griffin counterparts, and means a struggle for Basilisks. Oucos go hand in hand with dragons, because in myths,their Ouco Goddess of Wind was good friends with the Dragon God of earth.

Their only weakness is their wings. Once they go bye-bye, the Ouco will slowly get infection and die out. This was a great thing for poachers, for the Ouco's feathers are rich in color and can be used for medicine and decorating.

Kinuey is the first Ouco I have created, for so that's what my memory knows.
Ouco © to me
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