ODIN'S WISDOM 2: Be Curteous Picture

This is a new addition to my Ohdeargods project. For those less myth savvy, the main primary resources for Norse Myths are the Eddas, Prose and Poetic respectively. In the Poetic Edda, there is a poem called the Havamal- or “Sayings Of The High One”.

These are basically things Odin has said. Pieces of advice, ranging from common sense to magical powers to the honestly profound. With 164 verses, it’s quite a read.

The ODIN’S WISDOM section of Ohdeargods will be updated every Wednesday Woden’sday/Odinsday. It will show the verse, along with my layman’s terms translation underneath.


Not proud of this one. At all. But at least it's done.

I even had to flip the picture since I accidently had Odin facing his blind side.


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