El Chupacabra: Alien Thoery Picture

Put under science fiction because it is a myth... I wasnt sure which category mythologies go under. But didn't want to go with Fantasy.

One of my finished pieces from my NC Illustration course. I couldn't scan the entire image since my scanner is smaller than the paper (paper being A3 in size), so I'm sorry for that... Also, probably the best finished piece I produced... (wasn't even intended to be used outside of my sketchbook, but my tutors really liked it). Watercolors and grayscale markers.

This is one of the many theories revolving the origin of the Chupacabra (goat-sucker), a creature often sighted in Puerto Rico, which drains the blood from it's victims using what some claim to be probes at the front of it's mouth, puncturing the flesh and tucking in, draining the victim dry. Often feed on goats, farm animals and housepets. They don't tend to attack humans...I think.
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