The Oracle of Genai Picture

"You ladies are making an old man happy! Is allways better to be served by a beautiful Sorceress and a young priestess, than by aprentices and eunuchs!"

"More tea, oracle?"

"No, no my dear, I'm fine... OH! That's the spot!" said the oracle then to the sorceress "You really know how to give a backrub!"

"To predict the future must be a very stressing activity!" she said

"Oh, you don't know how much. Specially when some generals and important citizens didn't liked what you invented predicted for them!"

"Speaking of predictions and reading destiny..." begun to said the Sorceres...

"I already know why you are here"


"Of course! I'm the Oracle of Genai!" said the drow. "You are here, because you need to know if a friend is alive and where she is. Is a shame that allways pretty girls come to me only to ask for favours!"

-There was no point for him telling that his apprentice told him, before leaving this sorceress came

"Wow! You really know what happened to Briiza?!"

"She dissapeared, along other drows, when the Army of General Dahl'Arak marched to the surface" he readed that in a report. But to be an oracle one must have contacts and be informed!

"Is she fine?!"

"What your hearth told you?" It was allways good to be cryptic and imprecise.

"I know it!"

"Then you already had your answers" he said. "But we warned, that your friendship with her could be dangerous and bring danger in the future" he added. He readed a report prepared by one of his many contacts, when he asked information of this Briiza, and he found out that she was from a family of the Senatorial party: And in the turbulent times that come -based in the observation of Negeémiliel, rather than some predictions!- soon before later blood will be spilled. And having friends in the other political field can indeed be dangerous!-

"And me?" asked the Altar Helper.

This was again, other trivial business: Often the Oracle of Genai was there in the Temple of Doom, to be consulted by priestess and generals about great State decisions, like when and how do war, what alliances and foreign politics follow, and to learn the desires of the Goddess... However, it was very often the acolytes of Negeé from the Temple of Doom, her guards, take the oportunity to ask him any kind of trivial matters, eager to do many thinks for him to know about the future and the designs of Negeé for them.

"What worry you, young priestess?"

"My... my exam to become a full acolyte" she said.

She was choosed to be Altar Helper in the Temple of Doom. That mean that she was an excelent student, and have as well the contacts.

"Negeé say that, if you keep faith in you own abilities, you will have little problems to fullfil your destiny and become an Acolyte of the Goddess!" said The Oracle "Now, let's speak of other things.
For example, did you know that, since an Acolyte is a representation of our Goddess Negeé in Kazrrad, and that I, as reencarnation of the God Genai, mate of Negeé, therefore, I'm mate of all the Acolytes of Negeé?" he winked then an eye to the sorceress.

She smiled, thinking that really the oracle for being a holy man, was as horny and perverted as allways...


The Oracle is the more important and determinative male figure of Negeémiliel, and is one of the few males to be part of the Priesthood of Negeé:

Supposedly, from the mouth of the Oracle speak the God Genai, the main husband of Negeé. In the Negeémi mitology, While Negeé is goddess of War, Genai is his male counterpart, being god of war, civilization, wisdom, strategy, arts, justice and ability, and supposedly he was gifted to see the future.

The Oracle supposedly see the revelations of the God and to interpretate some of the designs of the Godess Negeé: The Oracle is eternal, and when he die, he just reincarnate, or just so say the Negeémi religion... however many say that telling the future and the reencarnation are just inventions.

Despise that, the Oracle, living enclosed in the Temple of Doom, normally are indeed spellcasters and magicians.

Supposedly, was one Oracle the one who get in a vision how the Acolytes of Negeé uniforms should look like.
About elves and their relation to gods, mythology and magic

The elves of all types -drows, high elves, wollumis, driads and all the Elfkind-, along with Dragons and Demons, are the only creatures who can manipulate the Maná, being capable of doing what is called "magic":

The study of it, and the wonders they could achieve with them, make the elves of Aiers become obsesed with magic, wondering how they get this capability no one else had, and how far they could take it:

This, along with the observation of the nature, make the elves look for divine explainations: It could be only that they were choosen by the gods, that they live so long, were so beautiful, civilized, superior and lived for so long, that it was only logical their divine nature:

So rather than not believe in gods, they believe in many. Knowing what they can do in magic, make them believe that magic could do much more, and accepted as real that was their magic coming from maná manipulation, as the one many scamers used, or what they believe magic could do:
They began to believe in spirits, other worlds and many myths, filling their imagined world with planes and mytological creatures, ghosts, aparitions, phantoms, angels, demons and gods.

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