Mikos Sketch WIP Stage 2 Picture

This is my new satyr, Mikos, who is an intern at a Greek resort known as "το θέρετρο" and nicknamed the God Spa. This was a story I was toying with where Mikos, while on a vacation in Greece before freshman year in college accidentally stumbles across the God Spa. Thinking it's some sort of theatrical group dressed up in costumes for the sake of the resort, he ends up accepting a position at the resort. The next thing he knows, he's transformed into a satyr and learns that what he thought were people in costumes were in fact the creatures of greek myth brought to life. Things are further complicated when it is discovered that Mikos' contract breaks two fundamental rules: 1) He isn't yet 18 as he had graduated a year early from high school; and 2) He's an American.

In this world, there are God Spas across the world, catering to the various pantheons, each resort staffed by the mythological beings native to that land. American's are considered a mongrel society -- too heterogenic to have a God Spa of their own, descended from too many cultures to know which pantheon would have precedence.

But once the contract is signed, it cannot be unsigned... and so Mikos finds himself caught in a rather precarious quandary.
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