Pheonix Picture

Pheonix- After living from 500-1,000 years, this mystical bird builds a nest , usually of cinimon sticks, made funeral pyre and is consumed by flames. But when the embers cool, a new phoenix rises from the ashes. Only on phoenix lives at any given time.

Aslo known as:

Fenghuang, commonly referred to as the Chinese phoenix.

Firebird (Russian folklore), equivalent of phoenix in Russian mythology.

Bennu, Egyptian correspondence to the phoenix.

Angha, Huma, Simurgh, Persian phoenixes.

Adarna, Philippine version of the phoenix

First and foremost, this is the most base information except for the other names I found elsewhere. There is more to the phoenix than in the original description. and it would be safe to assume that the bit about only one living at a time could be a bit exaggerated. I haven't found mention of this anywhere else.

However, and this is very important, Ms. Roweling may interpret and add to the myth however she likes. She may have even combined different mythology from the phoenix's many forms to make Fawkes. This has nothing with my phoenix or the truest information on it. So please, save your complaints.

Every form of the phoenix has it's own description and mythology that your are welcome to look up and immerse yourself in. I'd encourage it. Some mythology states that the phoenix regenerates making it practically immortal.

*cough* that said, on to the second bit. I uh, skipped ahead. The phoenix is NOT a dragon. I know this. The black paper and new prisma's were hard to resist. The books version looks like a stork or heron with cheesey flames behind it. I like mine better. As I usually do. The colors of it elude to being made of flame with parts being white hot.

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Prisma colored pencils on black paper
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