The War According to Helen Picture

This is a literary entry for the Inspirations contest.

Anyone who has ever been to my gallery would realise that I am heavily influenced by classical mythology. This particular story was influenced in part by that great work of Homer, the Iliad. The Iliad focuses on the last year of the ten year war between the Greeks and the Trojans. It is told from a masculine point of view and women do not feature as much in the story as the males. In mythology of course, the cause of the war was the elopement of Paris, the youngest prince of Troy, and Helen, the Queen of Sparta and wife of Menelaus. I decided to write Helen's version of the events leading up to the war, the war itself and the aftermath. I think I've also managed to create a Helen that runs contrary to popular opinion about her. If you want to know more about the Trojan war then I really recommend you read the Iliad.
This piece is a lot longer than most of my other stories and I think I start to lose it a bit towards the end, so please leave any suggestions or helpful tips if you have any.
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