[Collab] The boy who flew too high Picture

For the solo/tag team event in Fairy Fest (Hosted by #Fairy-Tail-FC) this week, the prompt was 'Greek Mythology'
~SunshineLOLLY and I decided to go for a well know myth, the boy who flew too high, but twist it slightly to fit in with some of the canon characters in Fairy Tail - Namely here, Lyon, Gray and Urtear(Ur)<3
Lyon and Gray made wings out of ice, as opposed to wax like in the story, as they're ice mages. Ur is just getting annoyed because they're messing about, and she's their teacher.. or rather, was.. </3
There we go:3
Most of the credit has to go to ~SunshineLOLLY as she drew the traditional part, and lines, and I just went over it digitally for her, as part of the collab/tag-team. See it here - [link]
Here we go then^^
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