Yukiko Concept Art Picture

Here it shows the first bubbling ideas of the character and how she slowly changes into a strangely haunting, almost alien appearance when she gets closer to her supernatural side.

Yukiko Mitsutani a.k.a. Uumni is her birthname. She and her sister Keiko is employeed by the Borderwatcher to keep out the "supernatural riff-raff" from bothering the human world. They are called The Sisters by reputation. She is half-human and half Orochi-Oni (Great Serpent-Demon). She inherited the Heart of Snow from her mother, it is an icy heart of a Yuki-onna and a powerful casting tool. The Heart is central to the staff with arcane symbols incased in icy shards slowly orbiting it and a blade dubbed simply Ice Cutter fixed to the other end. The staff can be seperated in to two parts. She is intelligent and often imperious but also carries the ghostly, inescapable sadness from bearing what was once the heart of a lonely Yuki-onna.

(This is from my project Strange-Blood and I assure you that it is not limited to Japanese mythology as thats basically just The Sisters right now. Strange-Blood draws from many different myths and stories)
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