Creatures of Grimm--Nemean Lion Picture

This one's my favourite fanmade Grimm that...I made

-Nemean Lion's are medium sized feline creatures of Grimm

Appearance: Nemean Lion's platting is the most extravagant of the known creatures of Grimm; with large headdresses and chest plates. The larger and more ornate the higher ranking between other Lion's they are. Whether both male and female Nemean Lion's share ornate platting or there is no gender at all has yet to be decided. Even their eyes have long swirls and detailing, each differing slightly from one Lion to the next. Plating covers their hindquarters and upper legs; spines extend from their forelegs and back feet. A large tuft of red fur curls on the ends of their tails. Nemean Lion's are similar in size to a Beowulf on all fours, unlike the aforementioned Grimm Lion's are completely quadrupedal.

Abilities & Powers: Nemean Lions attack with claws and bites from their enlarged fangs, often going to the neck of prey. Some reports say Nemean Lion's have a paralyzing roar, but this has yet to be proven.

Trivia: Nemean Lion share physical traits with real life saber tooth cats
The roar is an allusion to the Nemean Lion Myth Unit from the strategy game Age of Mythology

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