Wisdom, Sorrow Chapter 12 Picture

I realize this story arc got a bit weird, the "enemy" and the battle being inside of Altair's mind for the most part, so I wanted to offer a brief explanation. Mythology is a great love of mine and the hero's journey is one of the oldest myths that we have. In the hero's journey, all the major characters he meets are representative of aspects of his own self, light and dark. To emerge victorious, he must face each and assimilate these parts of himself. While I have not observed all of the typical elements in a hero's journey story, it was a huge influence.

The underlying theme to this story arc is initiation, the breaking down of old ways of thinking and shedding illusions. Altair underwent an initiation when he gained the title "Assassin" and now he has undergone another, to rightfully claim the title "Master."

I'm happy to answer any questions and as ever, feedback is very much appreciated and welcome. Thank you so much for reading!

Edit: Since I got a couple questions I wrote a little thing that delves into the myth and symbols that helped inspire this story arc: [link]

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