Lepus the hare Picture

name: Lepus
human name: Chloe
totem: the Hare
age: n/a
sex: Female
physical age:
Eyes: pink (with a white[sign on it] bandage on one of her eyes)
Shirt: black and white semi long sleeves
black with back tights
black and white with black and white knee length socks
she has a a black bow and a pink necklace. she has bandages on both of her arms and binging of her ears
Natural abilities:
Extreamly fast
very smart
strong(mainly with her feet)

Lagomorph Physiology


Lagomorphs are associated with great number of mystical and supernatural abilities and connections in mythology and folklore, thus user with this power may have access to: Lunar Affinity, Lunar Manipulation, Trickster

other info:
  • she's a vegetarian(hares don't eat meat)
  • she mainly fights with her feet
  • she hates Orion and his two dogs
  • she hates dogs, cats, Owl, Hawk, Coyote, foxes, large birds, and some humans[who kill hares/hunts]
  • she likes cancer
  • she's 4'10
  • she has bandage's because she was attacked by Orion's dog's and they almost killed her. The eye bandages was with a fight in the constellation war with Noctua the owl constellation she was stabbed in the eye and it never recovered so she's blind in that eye.
  • her old look
epus is usually depicted as a hare being hunted by Orion or by his hunting dogs. The constellation is located under Orion’s feet. It is not associated with any particular myth. Sometimes it is also represented as a rabbit, also chased by Orion and his dogs.

Alpha Leporis, the brightest star in the constellation, has the name Arneb, which means “the hare” in Arabic. The hare’s ears are delineated by the stars Kappa, Iota, Lambda and Nu Leporis.

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