:HH: Nova Natsuki Picture

New hoe in town


★ Name - Natsuki Nova

★ Age - 16

★ Gender - Female

★ Date of Birth - Oct. 31. XX

★ Star Sign - Scorpio

★ Blood Type - O

★ Height - 5'6 (5'8 with heels)

★ Subject - Mythology

★ Homeroom - 1-C

★ Club - Kendo

★ Sport - Tennis

★ Likes - [ Myths/Stories especially horror] [ Paranormal ] [ unique/odd looking hair clips ] [ Sports ] [ Being the boss ] [ Cats and birds ]

★ Dislikes - [ Being teased ] [ People not listening to her since she's younger ] [ Staying idle ] [ Pencils ]

★ Personality -

Nova is one of those people who try to grow up to fast, wanting to be taken as an adult already, having a hard time learning to relax. Hard worker to the fullest. She is quite a determined and persistent, when she has her eyes on a goal she will do everything in her power to get to it, sometimes way to forcefully. If she ever gets into something she will become over passionate in that subject, sport, hobby, ect., to try and reach her full potential. Says things quite bluntly and sometimes takes jokes too seriously like her sister, so it will go right over her head.

She always is ready to gain new knowledge or a skill. Just as her whole family, she is quite secretive, even if its over small things, though she's bad at keeping them. Has a temper but tries her best to control it. If someone is in need she will do her best to help, also in hopes that it will make her look like a good adult/leader.

★ Biography -

Nova is Japanese-European, born to a couple who are owners of a successful inn house, and is the younger sister to Cécile. Being born on Halloween made her overly interested in such stories of monsters and creatures, then it slowly grew to her reading into other kids of fables and myths as time went on.

Cécile was the one who got her interested in Hoshizora-High, telling her of the different classes and one being Mythology she was instantly pulled towards it. Though another reason being that she could finally be in the same high school as her sister, which ended up failing since Cécile ended up graduating earlier than they expected.

★ Additional info -

- Exercise fanatic
- Just like all the Natsuki's, cats come to her out of no where
- Looks up to the student council
- Not as close to Tsubaki as her sister, calls her Nathan as well
- Has blond strands of hair

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