Sigyn Picture

Story: Unconditionally
Face Cast: Kristanna Loken

Daughter of Freya and Iwaldi, the youngest of Freya's six daughters.
Goddess of fidelity.
She is much younger than Loki, her husband, by a great number of years.
Sigyn is born Vanir by her mother's side and dwarf by her father Iwaldi, resulting in her short 5'3" statue against Loki's 6'4".
She possesses superhuman strength, an ability shared by all the Aesir and Vanir.
Sigyn shares a flare for the magick arts and with it, she and Loki create a bond stronger than most understand on the night of their wedding.
Sigyn was trained among the Valkyrie after the dark elves of Svart√°lfaheimr attacked the realm of Asgard and two of her sisters were killed, prompting Loki to entrust her life in the hands of the Valkyrie Eir.

PLEASE NOTE: This version of Sigyn is my character, the back story is a blend of myth, marvel and my own spin on things and I would very much appreciate it if people do not take the story and claim it as their own or use it. The fic in which Sigyn is featured belongs to is currently in work and I do not wish to have my hours upon hours of hard toiling and creating stolen from me.
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