Influence Map Picture

I'm jumping on the bandwagon for this! These are the biggest inspirations for me.

1. Beauguereau-There's so much to say about this man. I love his rendering, color pallets, compositions, etc.

2. Arthur Rackham- This man is a god! So many wonderful storybook illustrations. I aspire to be his apprentice. Beautiful style and lines!

3. Iain McCaig- Hands down my favorite artist. Just looking at his work inspires me to keep going. He puts so much emotion in his pieces and I love his use of pencil scribbles.

4. Surfers- I love surfers because they are at their furthest point in stretching their bodies in this sport. I love to arch and elongate the bodies in my drawings and I look at these for inspiration.

5. Greek Mythology- I spent 2 years of my life reading every book on Greek Mythology our library had. I love the ideas and stories in these fables. When you mix fantasy, horror, and heroes you get Greek Myth. What a perfect equation!

6. Labyrinth- I can watch this movie over and over again. This is the best fantasy movie of all time! Yes I said it. Jim Henson is a genius. Working for the Henson Company was one of my dream come true moments and I will always cherish being around the puppets.

7. Brian Froud- The concepts he comes up with are so creative and original. I love his outlook on life and writing as well. Hell I believe in fairies! Do you?

8. Peter de Seve- I love his style of drawing and use of watercolor. I'd like to someday master watercolor like his works.

9. Animated Movies-I'm an animation junky. I can watch cartoons none stop. Beauty and the Beast is the most inspirational animated movie though. I still cry during it and I'm a girl that doesn't cry.

10. Glen Keane- Who isn't a fan of this man. Creative, Passionate with a pencil, expressions that move. If I could hope to be at his level by the time I die I will be a happy girl.

11. Wendling-I love her fantasy drawings and style.

12. Grimm Brothers-I love fairy tales. Most notably the one's these guys wrote. Dark, sad, and detailed.

13. Outsiders- Basically this means outcasts. I love people that aren't part of the group or are the underdogs. They inspire me to produce great ideas.

14. Musicals-I love watching musicals and listening to them. I love great lyrics and many musicals excel in that. I just wish I lived in New York to see more.

15. Lucille Ball- I love this woman. She never stopped or gave up. She was extremely funny and didn't take any bullshit!

16. Dancers-I love to look at dancers most notably ballet dancers since their bodies contort as well. There's great expression in how they move their bodies.

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