Burning In My Soul Picture

I've had a lot of time to think recently. I've changed aspects of my life that were bringing me down. I lost touch with things that are important to me, in favour of things that I thought were important. You guys here on DA are important to me, you've shown unending faith in me and constantly encourage me to become more and better.

In the beginning of this illness, Mytola ran away. I think she left me because she was part of the change that had happened. In some ways, I'm glad she's taken a step back, its given me chance to evaluate what it is I should have as a fursona. In essence, I have always been equine. My very first cuddly/plushie was a pink and white unicorn with a yellow horn. Accurately dubbed "Uni". I still have her, a 20 year old plush, she still looks after me when I feel sad and she whispered in my ear and told me that what I need is what I already have.

The very first nickname I had was Dinky Dee. Dee being the second part of my first name, So, by taking elements of what Mytola is/was, and elements of who I have always been, but never really acknowledged, I give you Dee.

Dee has Mytola's markings + extras, she has her soul colours because they are important to me, those 3 colours are MY soul colours. But she's a Pegasus, as that is the pendant I most often wear, mythology has ALWAYS been important to me, I have spent hours reading books on the worlds myths and parts of them speak truths to me. Dee is I guess, what my soul form is. Greys..not black, not white, the half way, the diplomat. Purples for the richness and loyalty I have time after time shown to people who seek to only hurt me. Blues for the consistent calm I feel when in the company of those I love and trust, green, for the jealousy I feel when I am betrayed and those people do not seem to suffer. Vengeance is the red where loyalty meets jealousy.

I guess that was deep, but those of you who know me, will know that I never do anything unless it is significant to me.
Sketch took around 5 hours to get right, drawn across 2 pieces of A4 paper, the sketch is around 18" wide, Dee herself takes up an A4 piece of paper in portrait format.
Scanned in, obviously in parts, layered up in Photoshop and put together, sketched over and photoshop brushes used to create her wings/glow/line art. Colouring took about 3 hours. I lubs her!
"Dee" is © SDJ. You couldn't steal her and love her as much as I do. She is significant to me alone.
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