The Flower Goddess Picture


My first ever ART deviation. I'm breaking out the confetti.
This is just the newest version of a doodle that's been popping up EVERYWHERE. I'm reading Greek Myths for next year's English and guess what I came across...You guessed it! Hades & Persephone.

I have bunch of full-body Hime doodles as well but they look's just concept art right now. I also intend to draw Ulquiorra as Hades at some point, and then draw something where they're interacting. No promises though. ;D

Please don't be too harsh. I'm no artist, not by any means...But as far as the concept; what do you think? And what are your feelings on the stylized flower pin in particular? Yes, I know I didn't color her skin...I'm paranoid that I'll ruin it. And my scanner gives me crappy quality...I know none of it looks very Greek, but eh, I might change it later on...If I continue with these drawings that is.
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