21st MH OC Trollina Tollheimer Picture

21st MH OC Trollina Trollheimer, daughter of the trolls! So I asked my mom what she thought of it and really she said Trollina looks like a skinny ho. Sadly I have to agree with her, nt only did I end up drawing her skinnier then I wanted her to be, and put a weird look in her eyeS, I also didn't notice I did so until I finished it. I'll have to redraw this sometime. Also I am aware the having her shirt showing her belly button like that makes her look kinda like a ho too, but I wanted people to be able to see her gemstone >_< Either way though I love Trollina's design and one day when I have the skills (and money) I will customize her into a doll. now a little bit about Trollina. (BTW pay nop attention to the age up there because it's wrong, she is 16)

nickname: Trolly, Lina

Personality: Trolly is a veery sweet, kind, and nice girl but can be mean and nasty if she wants to be. She sometimes acts territorial when it comes to her house, locker, or room/domain (troll side of her). Trolly also has a bit of a norwegian accent seeing how trolls are from norse mythology which is scandinavian, but are also myths told in norway thus is why she has a Norwegian accent.

Crushes: Peter Zwarte
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