- NANDERO - Picture

>Nandero n. 1. The second eldest of the five High Gods of the Uria, the Earth Dragons. Nandero is the wandering adventurer of the family, with many myths centering around him as his companion, the water dragon Hudin. He is the lord of fire and the protector of rivers. His avatar is a man called Nanduril, and often confused with the minstrel Omaron. 2. The most geo-thermally active of the islands of Uria: it has nurmerous hot springs and gysers, and two active volcanoes. It is also known for its spectacular rivers with breathtaking waterfalls, as well as a peculiar species of mountain leopard found nowhere else in the world. It is named after the Earth Dragon Nandero, who is said to have raised the island at the beginning of Time.
>See also: Menim, Tuänu, Huänen, and Bandur.


Ah, Nandero. The rock star of the family. Fun guy, hot-headed, likes his rock molten. Getting the color of the light from the sunset on the mountains right was harder than I expected; I kept having to layer and re-layer the paints, so in life this has an almost van Gogh-ish feel. Interesting note about the leopard in at the bottom there: they are black and dark, dark gray-brown, with bright reddish brown leopard markings; very pretty, but due to the size and the lighting you can't see it here at all.

Oils on 9"x12" canvas. Nandero and Earth Dragon mythology © myself. While I am pleased with how the painting came out, and I am not happy with the photograph. (Sept 23 06 edit): Varnished and scanned and re-uploaded. Great improvement.
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