Bench Talks Picture

Oh look! Another commission. Man, I'm on a roll. And this one's colored! It looks so nice!

This was done by ozoneserpent. He was great to work with. He shared the WIP to let me point out desired changes, and then the flat colors to see if I wanted changes on that too. The result was something tuned just the way I wanted it.

Here's his post:…

Here we see a scene from part six, when Dylan and Kira were at their usual bench, having a nice chat after a week of classes on each other's cultures. If you're interested in the story behind this, start here: Integration: Part One

And, since I'm going to make this a trend, here is a snippet to go with the image.


Dylan looked down at his legs as he idly kicked them while listening to his guardian ramble on about the plethora of human history and culture she learned about. He glanced aside at her, a slight grin on his face. He saw her big blue eye focused on his diminutive form.

“... and dragons and gryphons!” She chirped, waving one hand around. “You know, the ones that look like the Katians? That whole thing was weird. They're in human mythology instead of an actual animal like the other species have. How does that even happen? What are the odds? Your whole planet is so full of impossible chances that ended up happening.”

The medic shrugged. “Maybe they visited us a long time ago?”

She thought about that for a moment, then shook her head. “No, the myths go back too far for that. The Katians were the first in space, but not by THAT much.”

“Time travel, then.”


“Time travel! You know, they were, like, bored of an empty universe so they went back in time and engineered a bunch of species from Earth and seeded the galaxy, and now here we are.”

“That's so crazy it just might work.”

They both shared a laugh that soon fell into a comfortable silence. Kira seemed to be thinking about something while Dylan looked about, at the statue, the bushes around the little memorial, the buildings in the distance, and eventually back at the Lupari that was his guardian.

That white fur of hers was becoming a very comforting sight. He wasn't terrified of her like when he first came here a few days ago, which was a lot more than he could say of even his squadmates, short of maybe that big horse, Larish.

Progress. More than he even imagined he could achieve in such a short time.

He was dragged from his thoughts by his guardian suddenly saying, “So, I learned what a chicken is...”
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