Bahamut 11 Year Comparison Picture

Some of you may remember the one on the left. That drawing is ooooooold (you can still find it in my Scraps section).

The creature is loosely based off of the one in Arabian mythology. The first version was more dragon-like than fish-like. The original drawing I did in high school, in pencil, on six sheets of printer paper. The character was a minor one in a larger story I had been writing in my head, which is now scrapped and being dissected for salvageable parts.

The new Bahamut is more fish-like than dragon-like, and its stripes (which were arbitrarily put on to begin with) have become reminiscent of circuit board line thingies (shows you how much I know about circuit boards...). Both inspired by a coelacanth and the original myth.

The newer one is just inked for now. I plan on coloring/shading it to the best of my abilities. More info to come when I post the finished piece. It relates to my mind-world.
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