Children of Two Worlds Picture

Sometimes, there are things you need to write. And once this got into my head, I couldn't rest until it was on paper.

People, this is my theory for Assassin's Creed II and the meaning of The Truth video. Remember Glyph puzzle 14: "Bloodlines", where Sixteen talks to Desmond about "their gifts being in their blood" and you have to highlight pictures of gods mating with humans? Remember those strange markings on Adam and Eve's bodies in the video, similar to the one Minerva has in the Vault, only less bright? Remember the way they move as they run, using parkour moves similar to the Assassins?
My guess is that Adam and Eve were hybrids, children of Those Who Came Before and their human slaves. Having the genes of Those Who Came Before, they were not affected by the Pieces of Eden and in rebellion, they stole one to free the humans, prompting the war Minerva mentions.
My theory is that Altaïr, Ezio, Desmond and probably Subject Sixteen all descend from these hybrid people, granting them with increased agility, as well as powers such as Eagle Vision and immunity to Pieces of Eden. These gifts, over the centuries, have been passed on to their descendents.

This may be a wrong theory, but for now, it's the one I stick with.
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