Bahamut and Kujuta Picture

This is going to be a bit of a explination, so bare with me.

In my last contest, 'Demon's Crest', the idea behind it was for the contestants to come up with a design for one of my character and one of their as if they had one of the crests of power from the game 'Demon's Crest'. In the game, when the main character, Firebrand, got a new crest, (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Time and Heaven/Infinity), he would gain a new form based on that crest.
Now I did have my own ideas as to designs and such, but I didn't want to show them until the contest was over, so I didn't have a chance of 'tainting' results. But that the contest is over, I can.

This is Bahamut, with the water crest, and Kujuta with the fire crest. Kujuta is a new character, a fire bull.
Now the idea with these isn't just based off the contest, it is also based off the actual Bahamut/Kujuta legend in Arabic mythology.

You see, Bahamut wasn't always depicted as a dragon, like he is in Final Fantasy or Dungeons and Dragons, but in fact was a giant fish or whale, which ontop of him is Kujuta, a large bull with thousands of eyes, ears, noses, mouths, tongues and feet, who holds up a large ruby which holds up an angel which supports the seven earths.

So for Bahamut's form with the Water Crest, I gave him more of a otter-like body, since he's still furry, but I also gave him a whale or dolphin like tail, playing with the myth-theme.
With Kujuta, I have to thank ~XerxesRah for the idea. His right eye is actually a ruby, again playing the the original myth. I made his element fire since I thought it was a more appropiate element.

As for the symbols in the back, I'm still working on drawing out the symbols of the crests, so for now I have symbols that I though best looked like proper symbols.

Photoshop 7.

Tribal symbols brush set from Obsidian Dawn: [link]
Characters and art are mine.
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